jdi-facebook-shared-link-image-veggie-burger-festThe focus of this Burger Fest 2015 Feature is the Janson’s Drive-in Veggie Burger: a premium Chipotle black bean veggie burger with a pepper jack cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato, salsa, guacamole, red onion, and chipotle mayo on a toasted multi-grain bun.

A specially cooked burger for our vegetarian friends.

We have been training our cook staff at Janson’s in procedures specifically for our vegetarian menu options. The Janson’s Veggie Burger is cooked separately from our other meat products so it does not come in contact with them. We have designated areas of our grill exclusively for our vegetarian items. We also have separately designated spatulas used specifically for our veggie burger. We always do our best to ensure these procedures are followed every time.

If you love burgers, you’re going to love Janson’s Burger Fest 2015. For a limited time Janson’s Drive-In will feature 4 new specialty burgers – Tex-Mex Burger; Black and Blue Burger; Cinco Burger; and Veggie Burger. Click now to learn about all the burgers and their special toppings by visiting the Burger Fest 2015 page now.

Janson’s Drive-in: A Chicago and Beverly favorite since 1960

Located on the south side of Chicago in the Beverly area, Janson’s Drive-in has been serving some of the best burgers, hot dogs, beef sandwiches, and milkshakes, including the famous banana milkshake, since 1960. Janson’s has always been a family operation that strives to provide you the best quality experience. For one of the best, classic, drive-in food experiences in all of Chicagoland, visit Janson’s Drive-in today.